Commercial Property and Business Premises

Depending on how much capital are you prepared to invest in your business premises, you will need to consider two options. Renting is always better than buying, capital wise. And not only that, if you rent business premises, it will be a lot easier for you to relocate if necessary. The capital that you would otherwise use for purchasing property, you can instead use for investments in stock, employees or other areas. The type of products and services you offer determines the location and type of business premises you require. Always budget carefully and be sure to allow for unforeseen costs.

Business rates are the most common unexpected costs for businesses after they have secured workspace. You'll also need to factor in utility bills and various forms of insurance, depending on the type of business you have. Building insurance is a crucial factor too. In order to budget for your business premises you need to take all of these costs into consideration. Some companies find that serviced office space is a cheaper option, all things considered, as it lumps all or most of the costs usually associated with office space rental into one monthly sum. Additionally, the short term contracts allow you greater flexibility.

Guidelines for selecting your premises

These are just some of the guidelines that you can take into your consideration when you think about selecting and renting your business premises: the advantage of renting premises over buying, finding the right premises that you can start renting, consider various types of property available for rental, what is your benefit from renting these premises, financial considerations and modifications and alterations that could possibly occur due to nature of your business.


Renting premises is always better than buying because of the fact that you can use that money to invest in your own business. And renting premises means making money. It's essential, if not crucial, to match your business needs to your new premises. Estate agents can be of great help in this matter. The easiest way to rent premises is by leasing them. If your business requires a short term contract, consider getting a flexible license instead. It is always best to get some professional help.